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Kissing Booth

Title: Kissing Booth
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: PG15
Warnings: lots of kissing and curse words
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own them.
Summary: A kissing booth, two hot guys, and a party where everything happens.


"How did I let you talk me into this?" Jensen groans as he steps down from the ladder after hanging the sign.

"What? The decorating or the participating?" Sophia states with a smile.

"Both." Jensen answers. "Decorating, fine whatever, it doesn't really bother me much. Participating, yes that would've been okay too but the kissing booth? Seriously?" Jensen says glaring at the bright pink and red sign reading 'Kissing Booth' with various pairs of lips and hearts. "You couldn't get me a spot at the snow cone stand or something?" Jensen says turning his glare at his best friend.

"Tried. Couldn't." Sophia answers with a shrug. "C'mon Jen, it's not that bad. Maybe you'll get a really hot guy to kiss or something." Sophia says walking over to Jensen and slinging her arm over his shoulders. "Plus, this is an annual thing you know that. And you love me and you couldn't just leave me here to fend for myself against Mrs. Harris." Sophia adds with a grin.

"Oh, you mean Mrs. Stick Firmly Planted Up Her Ass, Mrs. Harris? That one? Yeah I couldn't leave you here with her by yourself, I'm not that cruel." Jensen states. "Though I must be a masochist because I'm putting myself through this hell with you." Jensen muses, a small smirk on his face.

"Shut up." Sophia says with a laugh, swatting him on the shoulder. "Don't let her hear you call her that." Sophia warns. "But yes, her and you're not a masochist, you're just a good friend." Sophia says with a smile, pulling Jensen in for a hug. "Now c'mon, let's finish setting up." Sophia says pulling away. Jensen groans and nods, moving to get back to work none the less.


"Okay sweetie, times up." Sophia says, gently pulling the girl away from Jensen.

"Call me." The blonde girl states with a giggle as she presses a paper into Jensen's hands.

"You sure are popular today Jen." Sophia says with a grin. "With the boys and the girls." Sophia adds with a smile as she sees the next guy in line for Jensen.

"Yeah, thanks." Jensen states wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Oh Jen, aren't you having fun?" Sophia asks with a small smile.

"Loads." Jensen deadpans with a glare as Sophia lets out a laugh. "At least I can take joy in the fact that you've gotten choked by a tongue more than I have." Jensen smirks.

"Oh god. I know." Sophia groans, holding her hand to her mouth. "That old guy was just.... I swear I thought it was gum." Sophia shudders in disgust.

"Well then I guess you better prepare yourself cause he's in line again." Jensen says looking out into the crowd and spotting the old man giving Sophia the eye.

"Oh Jesus, save me." Sophia pleads. "C'mon, one more hour and our shift is over with." Sophia says after steeling herself and giving her head a little shake to get her mind back together.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. But after this, we're leaving and going to the party tonight." Jensen states looking over at his friend.

"Chris's party? Jesus we're pulling an all nighter aren't we?" Sophia asks.

"Yup." Jensen says with a nod.

"So I should plan on you getting me shit faced as revenge for making you do this then?" Sophia more states than asks.

Jensen grins in reply before turning to the guy stepping in front of him. "Hi." Jensen greets him with a smile.


"Hey Soph, look who's in line." Jensen states his eyes trained on a certain person standing in line. Three people away.

"Who?" Sophia asks curiously, following Jensen's line of vision. "Chad." Sophia says with a smile, quickly trying to cover it up once it's spread. “ I mean, oh, yeah, Chad.” Sophia nods moving her eyes away from the blonde who almost caught her staring.

"Uh huh. Don't try to act like you haven't been crushing on the guy for the past few weeks." Jensen says shaking his head. "You totally wanna make out with him in a dark room." Jensen says with a smirk.

"Shut up." Sophia sputters after failing to come up with a better retort, a blush on her cheeks. "Wonder who the guy with him is. Looks pretty cute doesn't he Jen. And he's in your line." Sophia teases after seeing the two guys talking with each other.

"What guy?" Jensen asks looking over at the guy in question. Jensen's breath hitches in his throat as he lays eyes on the guy standing and laughing beside Chad. The guy is gorgeous. Tall, dark floppy hair, nice build and an amazing smile and really, really hot. "Um, I don't...." Jensen doesn't finish his sentence, can't finish his sentence. All he can do is stare at the guy in line. In his line. Waiting to kiss him. Holy shit.

"Well, well, well, Jensen Ackles has finally been caught speechless, by a guy of all things. That's a first. So does that mean he's the one then?" Sophia teases.

"Shut up." Jensen says tearing his eyes away from the guy and glaring over at his friend. "I'm not speechless. I just.... have nothing to say." Jensen defends horribly.

"Uh huh and Rachel's boobs are real." Sophia states as said girl approaches Jensen.

"Hey!" Rachel exclaims.

"What are you comparing Rachel's boob job to now?" Allison asks as she steps up Sophia.

"That Jensen denies he's gone speechless over that guy in his line." Sophia states nodding in the guys direction.

The two girls turn their heads in his direction and smile. "He is so hot." Rachel states as Allison nods in agreement.

"So Jen, he got you speechless huh? Well that's a first. He's the one right?" Allison asks with a smirk, repeating Sophia's earlier words.

"I'm not speechless and he's not the one." Jensen states, glaring at all three girls.

"You're the one who said, and I quote 'the day I'm speechless over a guy is the day I find the one'" Sophia quips.

"Yeah, and then I also remember telling you to leave me the hell alone afterwards." Jensen replies.

"Defensive." Rachel observes. "He's totally the one." Rachel nods in affirmation.

"Will you two hurry up, you're holding up the lines." Jensen informs them in an attempt to change the subject.

"Oh, sorry. Don't wanna keep your guy waiting. I'm totally waiting and watching your lip lock though." Rachel states leaning down to press a quick kiss to Jensen's lips. Allison doing the same to Sophia, eliciting some cat calls from the guys in line making the two girls laugh. Jensen silently laughs at the thought that these guys would go crazy if they knew this happened pretty often and meant just about nothing to either of them. Both the girls kissing each other and the girls kissing him.

"Good luck Jen." Rachel says with a smile patting Jensen on the shoulder as she walks by. Allison flashes him a thumbs up before walking away.

Jensen shakes his head at the girl’s antics before turning to the next costumer, and he's so not trying to steel himself for the kiss with Mr. Gorgeous. "Ready Jen?" Sophia whispers as Chad and the hot guy step up and hand their tickets to the ticket takers.

"Shut up." Jensen whispers back under his breath as the two guys step up in front of them.

"Hey Sophia." Chad says with a smile.

"Hey Chad." Sophia replies with a bright flirtatious smile. And really, Jensen would laugh at the way Sophia is swooning over Chad Michael Murray right now if he weren't a little preoccupied himself with the gorgeous guy standing in front of him who's giving him that adorable smile and did he just call this guy’s smile adorable? Holy fuck he's losing his mind. He's about to say something to Sophia or Chad, he's not really sure because as he looks over he's a little stunned to see the two already engaged in a heavy kiss.

Jensen turns back to the guy in front of him and their eyes meet. There's an awkward moment where they both just look at each other before that smile is back on no-name's face. "Um, Hi. I'm Jared." Jared says with a small chuckle.

"Jensen." Jensen replies, flashing the guy a smile.

"So, uh, I don't really know how to do this." Jared states after another moment, his hand rubbing at the back of his neck briefly before dropping back into his lap.

"What? Kiss someone?" Jensen teases lightly with a raised eyebrow, loving the light blush he receives for it.

"Um no." Jared says with a nervous smile. "I meant-”

“Look guy, you don’t have to flirt with him first. It's not like you're gonna date him." A young girl behind Jared about thirteen says, interrupting him.

Jared sputters as he looks back at the girl starting and stopping his sentences until he just blushes and looks down before looking at Jensen. Yeah, this guy is adorable and the blush just makes him ten times hotter. Jensen thinks as he smiles at Jared. "It's okay sweetie. I promise you'll get your turn." Jensen says to the girl, flashing her a smile. She smiles back and giggles and that seems to keep her quiet so Jensen turns back to Jared. "Maybe we should just..." Jensen says motioning his hands between him and Jared.

"Dude, will you hurry up and just kiss him already." The two boys turn towards Chad as he speaks, having seemingly finishing his kiss with Sophia. Sophia looks pointedly at Jensen and the two boys just glare at their friends before turning back to each other.

"Um, we should probably-" Jared starts.

"Yeah." Jensen states, nodding his head.

"Okay, well, uh." Jared says, raising his hand and cupping Jensen's cheek and leaning forward. It's a little awkward at first as Jensen leans forward as well and it's kind of off center when their lips finally meet but after a moment it clicks and Jensen closes his eyes, cupping Jared’s cheek with his hand as well as soft lips move over his in a sensual kiss. There's no tongue, just lips but amazing none the less. Jensen skims his hand across Jared's jaw and he feels Jared's hand slide to the back of his neck pulling him just a little closer, pressing their lips a little firmer against each other. Jensen’s hands slide into Jared's hair, playing with the locks briefly before air becomes a necessity and they’re pulling apart slowly. Jensen slowly opens his eyes and meets deep soulful ones staring back at him. They sit there, with their arms wrapped around each other for a few moments, just staring at each other before the sound of someone clearing their throat makes them blink and quickly pull apart.

"Well." Chad states as the two turn to look at Chad and Sophia and the rest of the people who were watching them. And Jensen sees and hears all those unspoken words in that one word and look. He looks over at Jared and meets the guy’s eyes before looking away again.

"Um..." Jared says as an attempt to form words and break the awkward silence that seems to have ensued all of them.

"Time to go?" Chad asks with a knowing look pointed at Jared.

"Yeah." Jared nods and that seems to break the tension as he stands and walks towards Chad.

"Catch you later Sophia." Chad says with a smile, kissing her on the cheek before turning and walking away.

"Um, see you around Jensen." Jared says with a small wave as he follows Chad.

Jensen nods slightly and waves back before turning back to the waiting line. "Whoa." Jensen whispers softly to himself in a slight daze.


"Jen. Hey Jen. Jensen!" Jensen pulls out of his thoughts after hearing his name being yelled.

"What?" Jensen asks clearing his throat, looking over at Sophia.

"Still thinking about Jared?" Sophia asks with a knowing smile.

"No. Just zoned out for a second." Jensen says shaking his head and no, he is so not blushing.

"Uh huh. On Jared and your guys’ kiss." Sophia teases with a smile.

"I'm not. It was just a kiss with another guy. It happens all the time. Why would it be any different with this one?" Jensen points out. Because it is different. It felt different.

"Hm, well how about the fact that since that kiss you've had this dopey glazed look on your face and you haven't said more than twelve sentences since it happened." Sophia points out, arms crossing over her chest as she looks at Jensen.

Jensen is about to give some lame excuse when the door slams open and two giggling girls walk into the room. "Hey guys!" Rachel greets them brightly. "Okay, so we got all the info on this Jared guy we could." Rachel says, closing the door and taking a spot on Jensen's bed.

"Yeah, it wasn't as easy as it looks. There was some major flirting involved." Allison states with a laugh.

"What'd you find out?" Sophia asks excitedly, moving to sit beside the girls on the bed.

"Wait a minute, you guys checked out Jared?" Jensen asks, his brain catching up with the conversation around him. He looks at the girls across from him on the bed as he sits on his desk chair and they just give him a look that makes him feel really stupid.

"Well duh." Rachel says rolling her eyes which breaks the silence.

And Jensen rolls his eyes at her answer before continuing. "Okay but why?"

Again that look. "Did you really think we wouldn't get the dirt on the random guy you made out with that could possibly, most likely be the one for you?" Allison asks incredulously and really the way these three always seem to make him - and the rest of the guys - seem ten times stupider than they already are should be illegal.

"Plus, Sophia told us to." Rachel says shrugging her shoulders.

"Soph! Really?" Jensen says incredulously, looking at his friend expectantly. He should've known she was behind this, really he should've, he knows better.

"C'mon Jen. Don't act like you don't wanna know more about him anyway." Sophia says waving off Jensen's questions. Sophia knows Jensen. She's known him since they were kids and she knows the way he is with guys. Jen's not a slut, don't get her wrong. Sophia just knows that Jensen's had a hard time finding someone and keeping them. According to him, hook ups and one night stands seem to be easier to deal with. 'You know what you're getting into when it's just a one time thing. In a relationship you're flying blind and are prone to crash into something soon.' At least that was Jensen's explanation to his actions, but again, Sophia knows Jensen and he's gone completely different with this Jared guy. All nerves and awkward smiles and sentences. The confidence that usually radiates off him ripped away and all that's left is that boy who's not sure what to say or do. And that's something Sophia hasn't seen on Jensen in a long time. At least not when it came to a guy and being Jensen's best friend, Sophia took it upon herself to shove Jensen into this because knowing him, Jensen would think about it, fret a little and then find somebody to take his mind off it.

"Don't do that." Jensen states, snapping Sophia out of her thoughts.

"Don't do what?" Sophia asks though she knows she's not fooling him, just like he knows he's not fooling her.

"Don't analyze my whole history with guys and compare it to this one guy. I know you remember?" Jensen explains.

"And I know you so stop pretending like you're not interested." Sophia quips back, fixing Jensen with a stare, daring him to argue with her.

"I hate you." Jensen states simply.

"You love me. No one else would put up with your sorry ass." Sophia says with a smirk.

"I can always go hang out with Chris." Jensen informs her.

"Yeah, and he knows you just as well as I do and once he hears the story he'll totally be on my side." Sophia answers.

"Fine." Jensen mumbles, moodily crossing his arms over his chest and mumbling under his breath about so called friends that think they can read his mind or something.

Sophia smiles smugly at Jensen and Jensen flips her off in reply, eliciting a laugh from the girl. "C'mon Jen, do you wanna know what me and Allison found out or what? I think you'd be interested." Rachel says grabbing Jensen's attention.

"Yeah, okay fine. What'd you guys find out?" Jensen relents and he really can't believe he's getting the 411 on a guy he barely knows as if he were an actual girl. Chris was really gonna hassle him for this when he found out. And Chris always found out about everything when it came to Jensen. He swears both him and Sophia have people watching him when doesn't know it.

"Okay, so his name is Jared Tristan Padalecki. Which is a mouthful on its own.” Rachel starts.

"Jensen Padalecki." Sophia states. "Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Or you could go with the whole hyphenated thing. Jensen Padalecki-Ackles. Whichever works." Sophia says with a grin, eliciting a silent death glare from Jensen in reply.

"Okay, okay, calm down. Though that does sound really cute I could totally picture the wedding and-"

"Rachel." Jensen interrupts the girl, trying to get her back on topic.

"Right." Rachel nods. "Okay, he's a Sophomore, same grade as us, he's 18, just transferred so that's why we've never seen him before, lives on the floor above us, roommates with Chad." Rachel says looking over at Jensen. "He's from Texas, high school quarterback and took his team to state. He's got an older brother and a younger sister like you which is also really weird. That and the fact you lived like practically a city away from each other or something. He's a huge movie buff, he's friendly, very affectionate, he's 6'4 and I thought you were freakishly tall. Only had one or two serious relationships. He likes videogames, hanging out with his friends, playing sports and he eats a lot." Rachel finishes off her list. "Oh," Rachel says after a moment, a sly smile on her face. "almost forgot. He's bi and totally single." Rachel states, her face breaking into a grin.

Jensen just sits there, trying to digest all that information. There's really only one question sticking out in his mind that he has to ask. "How the hell did you find all this out?" Jensen asks staring at Rachel in amazement and a little bit of fear because if this girl ever became a stalker, well let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.

"I have my ways." Rachel shrugs smugly as she pushes her hair off her shoulder. "And all me and Ally had to do was show a little cleavage and flirt our pretty little selves away and Tom was spilling his guts, along with the rest of the guys." Rachel says looking over at Allison as they shared a giggle. "I swear that boy looked like he was in heaven when we did that."

Jensen shakes his head at the girls and laughs lightly. "You girls are something else. Remind me again why we're friends."

"Because you'd be lost without us." Allison replies with a grin.

"Oh yeah." Jensen says as if he forgot.

Sophia slaps him lightly and shakes her head, eliciting a chuckle from Jensen. "Okay, so what are you gonna do about Jared?" Sophia asks, getting down to business.

"What do you mean what am I gonna do? I'm not gonna do anything." Jensen states looking at Sophia and then quickly continuing before she could start her sentence. "Even if I wanted to do something, I can't anyway. I wouldn't see him till God knows when so by then he'll probably just forget it happened and move on. Just like I will." Jensen finishes.

"Well see my dear Jenny boy that's where you're wrong." Sophia says with a sly smirk. "I happen to know that one Jared Padalecki is gonna be at Chris's party tonight." Sophia states.

"How do you know?" Jensen asks and no, his heart did not leap at the thought of being able to see Jared again. It didn't really. He swears.

"Chad told me. He's going, so Jared is going. And we're going so maybe you two could get together and you can put that old Texas charm on him. Or he may just charm you. Both are good possibilities." Sophia answers and Jensen doesn't know what to say.

Half of him is excited about seeing Jared again, half of him is freaking out and he's just trying to keep from letting his emotions show on his face. "Oh." That's all he can say right now, his brain just isn't functioning at the moment.

"'Oh?' That's all you have to say is oh?" Sophia asks incredulously. "Jensen, this is Jared, the guy that nearly swept you off your feet with just a kiss. Okay wait, no the guy that did sweep you off your feet with a kiss.” Sophia states.

"Yeah I know okay. I'm just kind freaking out a little okay." Jesus he was an idiot, he did not just admit that. "Don't even reply to that." Jensen snaps, looking at each of them. "I'm not going to stand in front of my closet and fuss about what I'm gonna wear, if my hair looks okay, or if Jared's going to notice me. If he does what will I say, how should I act. None of that girly bullshit." Jensen warns. "I'm going to get dressed as if I were going to any one of Chris's other parties and I'm going to act the same way I always do. If I see Jared and we talk then fine, I'll figure out what to do once it happens. But I won't go searching for him." Jensen finishes looking up at the girls waiting for their reactions.

"Well I didn't expect anything different from you Jen." Sophia says with a gentle smile, breaking the silence.

"Yeah Jensen, it's all up to you in the end what you wanna do." Allison says with a nod of her head.

"We just want you to be happy Jen." Rachel adds with a smile.

"Thanks." Jensen says with a smile.

"Just," Sophia starts. "Do me a favor, if there's a possibility that something can happen between you guys, like something real, give it a shot and don't run. Just see where it takes you and if it doesn't go past one night then fine, but just see it through." Sophia pleads gently with a soft caring look on her face.

Jensen nods and smile gently at her. "I will. I promise." Jensen says sincerely and Sophia grins at him in reply.


"You really just threw that outfit together" Rachel states from her seat on the bed once again, it's not a question. It's a fact, they saw him grab clothes from his closet and put them on.

The girls had left after their conversation and Jensen had been able to entertain the thought of getting to see Jared and possibly getting to have those lips on his again except this time with a little more privacy. And after his thoughts got a little too x-rated, Jensen had to stop and take a little time for himself to get a little more comfortable. Sated and a little amazed that he came that hard over a fantasy to a guy he's only just kissed, Jensen cleaned himself off a bit before getting up to go take a shower. When he got back from his shower, the girls were already in his room and settled on his bed, dressed and ready to go.

"Yeah Rach. You were sitting here when I did." Jensen states shaking his head.

"Well I know that smart ass." Rachel says with a scowl. "And let me just tell you that it's so unfair that you're a) one of my best friends so that makes you off limits and b) you bat for the other team because honestly, you're too hot for your own good and you don't even realize it. And dressed like that you could make any person come in their pants. Guy or girl." Rachel tells him, a pout on her face.

"Um, I‘m not sure if I‘m supposed to say thank you or sorry." Because really, he’s never been told that, at least not that bluntly. Seriously, what’s a person supposed to say to that? "And I'm not dressed any different than usual for a party." Jensen states. "Am I?" Jensen asks looking over at Sophia and Allison for an answer.

"Maybe not to you but when we go out you do tend to dress a little different without even realizing it." Sophia says.

"How?" Jensen asks because really, he's never noticed it before. Hell, he knows he's good looking from what people tell him, but he's never been one to be cocky about it. He can put off being confident when he wants to, but get him in a place where he doesn't know anyone and he has to meet new people and he's a shy and awkward little kid again.

"Okay, so on a regular day, you basically wear jeans and a t-shirt which still look ridiculously good on you by the way, but when you get dressed to go out you tend to get clothes that hug in all the right places." Allison answers him. Jensen looks over at Sophia and Rachel for confirmation and they nod in response.

"Oh, well I didn't.... my clothes aren't tight." Jensen states looking down at his entire outfit from head to toe. He was wearing some black converse, jeans, a dark gray t-shirt and a black jacket and his hair was in it's usual manner: air dried after he took a shower and ran his fingers through it with a little bit of gel. That was pretty much his standard dress attire period. He may choose something a little nicer for when he goes out but honestly, he can't tell the difference. Hell the outfit he's wearing, if the night goes bad, which will involve him not getting laid or something along those lines and getting shit faced instead - which depending on how you look at it can also be considered a good night as well - he'll just fall asleep in his clothes, wake up late with a hang over from hell, brush his teeth, grab some coffee on the way to class and just leave without changing. He's done it before. Countless times actually. It's a wonder he hasn't gotten anything lower than a B in his classes.

"Exactly." Rachel states throwing up her hands and letting them fall back into her lap.

"What?" Okay, now he was just confused. "I- you know what? It doesn't even matter. Let's just go." Jensen says not even going to try and start the next sentence.

"Good decision." Sophia stage whispers as she walks over to him and the girls climb off the bed and head to the door.

"Yeah." Jensen nods in agreement as he shuts and locks the door behind him.

"C'mon." Sophia says with soft gentle smile, linking her arm through his as she pulls him to follow Allison and Rachel. Jensen returns the smile, patting her hand affectionately as he walks with her as they head to Chris's party.


"Jenny! There you are man." Chris says with a bright smile, pulling Jensen in for a hug as Jensen fights his way through the crowd. They've been at Chris's house for fifteen minutes and Jensen already lost Rachel and Allison the moment they stepped through the door. Sophia only wandered off about five minutes ago but it's okay because they all know were each other is by the end of the night if they aren't together.

"Chris." Jensen says with a smile. "I see you got a head start." Jensen states, chuckling at Chris's already drunken state.

"Please, he started drinking like two hours before the party." Steve says with a scoff, shaking his head.

"I did not. Well not a lot. And I'm not drunk." Chris says indignantly. "And Steve's just mad cuz we got interrupted earlier and he didn't get to come." Chris stage whispers, and in his drunken state actually means loudly states.

"Blow me." Steve says glaring at his boyfriend.

"I already told you I would. You're the one who doesn't want to go upstairs." Chris points out.

"Tell me why I'm with you again?" Steve huffs shaking his head again.

"Because you love me." Chris answers, walking over to Steve and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. "And I give really good head." Chris whispers in Steve's ear, nipping lightly at the lobe.

Steve shudders at the sultry tone of Chris's voice and the nips to his ear. "Asshole." Steve mutters, a small smile on his face.

And Chris laughs and smiles, knowing he's already forgiven, before leaning down and kissing Steve. "So Jenny boy, heard you finally found the one today at the kissing booth." Chris says conversationally as he pulls away from the kiss and moves to face Jensen. His arm still wrapped around Steve's waist, hand tucked inside the front pocket, Steve's tucked in Chris's back one.

"No I didn't and how the hell did you find that out?" Jensen asks throwing his hands up slightly and rolling his eyes. It's amazing how Chris can go from fucking wasted drunk to sober and able to hold a conversation - about Jensen's love life for that matter - in less than a minute.

"You seriously just contradicted yourself right now." Chris points out. "And I have my ways. Now spill dude. Who was the guy? And why did I not hear it from you that you finally found the one to shut you up?" Chris asks, giving Jensen that serious look that always made Jensen spill his guts. It was the same look his older brother Josh used to give him all the time and it still had the same affect, along with Sophia as well. Jensen has yet to perfect that look.

"His name is Jared and I didn't tell you anything because he's not the one." Jensen answers. "He's just a guy that was in line at the kissing booth. We kissed, he left and that was it." Jensen states.

"Oh c'mon Jen, that's so not how it went." Sophia states as she comes into view from within the crowd, stepping into the little circle they've formed.

"Jensen, how'd it go down? Tell me the truth man." Chris states looking straight at Jensen and really that stare should be illegal. It's so unfair.

"Nothing happened man. That was it." He can do this, really he can. He can totally not give in.

"Jensen." Both Sophia and Chris warn and great, now they're both giving him the stare. Jensen looks over at Steve for help. Steve's always been on his side. Always been the one to make Sophia and Chris back down a bit. But Jensen can see the curiosity and slight concern in Steve's eyes and he knows he's lost him to the others already so all Jensen can do is sigh.

"Fine." Jensen says defeated. "I may have gotten a little speechless when I saw him and then again after we kissed." Jensen mumbles.

"May have?" Both Sophia and Chris ask. Sophia's coming out with more of a scoff and Chris's with slight skepticism.

"C'mon Jen, you were totally standing there with your mouth hanging open and then you were staring off into space for like a whole minute after you guys kissed." Sophia states. "And, not to mention, you were seriously nervous." Sophia adds, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah well, how would you know? You were too busy with your tongue down Chad's throat." Jensen shoots back, smirking slightly at the blush that tinges Sophia's cheeks.

"You were nervous about kissing a guy?" Chris asks Jensen.

"You made out with Chad?" Steve asks looking at Sophia.

"Kind of." Both Jensen and Sophia answer at the same time.

"Okay, either Jensen is too much of a girl or Sophia is too much of a guy because you both tend to give fucked up answers to direct questions." Chris says rolling his eyes, earning glares from Jensen and Sophia. "Alright, let's deal with this right now. Sophia, fucking finally." Chris says turning to Sophia. "You and Murray have been eye fucking each other since the day you met and just fucking finally. Now, when he gets here, I suggest you either take him upstairs or find a dark corner somewhere and go to town." Chris says in his usual blunt manner which is even more profound when he's drunk. "And Jensen, apparently this guy has got something the rest of them didn't have because don't think I haven't noticed you scanning the room for his face, like you are right now." Jensen quickly moves his eyes away from the front door and back to Chris's face. "Talk to him, tell him you love him and he's the one for you, and then go ravish him upstairs." Chris finishes.

Jensen is saved from replying to that - not that he was even sure what to say - by the voice calling hello and stepping through the crowd and into view and shit. He used the wrong word. He wasn't saved, he was screwed because Chad is standing there in front of him and just behind him is Jared who is looking right at him, that amazing smile plastered on his face.

"Hey guys." Chad says nodding to them all before turning his attention to Sophia. "Hey Sophia." Chad says and Sophia smiles brightly as they share a look and yup, there's the eye fuck again. Jensen sees Chris roll his eyes and stops himself from laughing, opting for a small smirk. His eyes travel back to Jared though who's suddenly beside him.

"Hey Jensen." Jared says with a small dimpled smile that's slightly tinged with nerves. And Jensen's probably imagining it, but Jared looks really happy to see him right now.

"Hey Jared." Jensen says returning the small smile as their eyes connect and just like the first time, Jensen is breathless as they stare at each other. He feels himself start to lean ever so slightly but the moment is broken by a throat clearing and just like that Jensen seems to snap out of his trance, tearing his eyes away from Jared's who seems to be just as dazed as he is.

"So Jensen, you gonna introduce us to the guy or what?" Chris asks, a smirk on his lips and Jensen knows Chris is having a fucking field day with this shit.

"Oh, yeah, Jared, these are my friends Chris and his boyfriend Steve. Chris, Steve, this is Jared." And the way Jensen doesn't explain further who Jared is, he knows Jared probably has an idea that Jensen has already told them about him and really, that's just perfect.

"I also go without the title of 'Chris's Boyfriend Steve' and just leave it at Steve." Steve says sending a playful glare at Jensen who rolls his eyes but smiles none the less because this is why he loves Steve. Always able to break the awkward tension and save Jensen from further embarrassment. Though Steve has been known to leave him hanging out to dry for his own personal amusement. Fucker.

"Hi." Jared says with a small chuckle.

"So I hear you're new here." Chris states.

"Uh yeah, just transferred. How'd you know?" Jared nods, a brow quirking up slightly and really Jensen wants to smack himself for thinking that surprised yet curious face is the cutest thing he's ever seen.

"Eh, word gets around fast." Chris shrugs. "But you hit it good man. Chad is a pretty okay guy-"

"Yeah, you just gotta excuse the doucheness. He's really not that bad. Well kind of." Steve states.

"Fuck you Carlson. You too Chris." Chad replies, flipping both of them off, earning a pair of grins from the two guys. "Don't listen to 'em Jared. I'm a fucking fantastic guy." Chad says with a smirk. "We're gonna go get some drinks." Chad announces, grabbing Sophia's hand after sharing a look with her.

"Sure." Chris, Jensen and Steve reply at the same time, eliciting a chuckle from Jared.

"But anyway," Chris continues after Sophia and Chad walk away. "If you get tired of Chad or need some extra assistance, Jensen here can help you. He lives on the floor right below yours. Room 420." Chris informs him. And Jensen silently curses Chris for being the bastard that he is. "For now though, have fun. Enjoy the party and go ahead and drink till you can't remember your name." Chris says with a grin, clapping Jared on the shoulder.

"Yeah man, thanks. It was nice meeting you." Jared replies, smiling at the two.

"Likewise dude. We'll see you around." Chris nods, looking over at Jensen and winking at him before walking away hand in hand with Steve.

"They seem cool." Jared states after a moment of silence passes.

"Yeah. Steve is. Chris is just a pain in the ass." Jensen says smirking over at Jared.

Jared laughs. "I take it you've known him for a long time then?"

"Yeah. We met our freshman year in high school and I haven't been able to get rid of him since." Jensen states.

"That's cool." Jared laughs, nodding his head.

The conversation dies down a bit right then and Jensen really just wants to avoid the awkward silence that is bound to suffocate them. "You want a beer?" Jensen asks, turning to Jared.

"Yeah." Jared says in a slightly relieved tone. And yeah, Jensen knows how he feels.

"C'mon." Jensen says nodding his head towards the kitchen. Jared follows Jensen through the crowd and into the kitchen where Jensen grabs two beers from the bins of ice and hands one to Jared who pops off the top and take a swig before fighting their way back through the crowd to their previous spot.

"Texas right?" Jared asks suddenly and Jensen is a little confused with the abrupt question. His confusion must be written on his face because Jared laughs and explains. "Your accent. It sounds like that trademark Texas drawl."

"Oh, yeah." Jensen laughs. "Dallas." Jensen tells him, and even though he already knows, he asks, "You from Texas too?" just to be polite.

"Born and bread." Jared nods with a grin.

"Where from?" Jensen asks, because he honestly wants to know how close they were living before they ever met.

"San Antonio." Jared answers. And wow, they really weren't that far away from each other.

"You miss it?" Jensen wonders because he does. There's nothing like home, and yeah he's such a momma's boy and misses his family.

"Yeah. I do." Jared nods, a fond soft smile on his face. "It's home you know?" Jared asks and Jensen nods because he really does know. "Plus my family is back there and you know how that goes." Jared says with a smile and Jensen smiles back because yeah, he knows that too and Jesus Christ, Jensen can really fall for this guy, and if he's honest with himself, he already is - or has. "But I like it here too." Jared continues. "It's different but cool."

"Yeah, California is much different than Texas." Jensen nods in agreement. "I take it you were going to school over there?" Jared nods as he takes another swig of his beer. "What made you move out here?" Jensen asks and he's never really done this before. Got to know someone; like he was never this interested in another person before. He finds himself wanting to know anything and everything about Jared and that scares him He's so used to the brief exchange of names - if that - and then the making out or sex that usually ensues shortly after. He's never really wanted to know anything more than what a person was willing to give but with Jared, it's different. Weird. Exciting. And a little overwhelming. Jared is so open and honest and yeah Jensen really wants to kiss him again and a whole lot more but he also really just wants to get to know Jared. He doesn't really care which order it goes in. Whether he gets to know Jared before or after the make out/sex it doesn't matter because either way, Jensen knows this is gonna be more than a one night stand or a fuck buddy. At least he’s hoping that it will.

"Just needed a change in scenery I guess." Jared shrugs. "I mean Texas is great man, I love being over there and well you know." Jared laughs and Jensen just nods in reply, smiling at Jared. "But I've lived there my entire life and I guess I just needed to get out for awhile. Find something outside of home I guess. Get away from it all and just kinda be on my own and gain that experience." Jared shrugs, blushing slightly. "I don't know, I probably don't make any sense." Jared laughs nervously.

"No, no. You make perfect sense." Jensen says shaking his head. "I know what you mean. That's pretty much exactly why I left too." Jensen tells him.

"Really?" Jared asks softly, curiously, looking at Jensen.

"Yeah." Jensen replies just as softly, nodding slightly as he stares back at Jared. They go quiet again, just silently staring at each other. They're leaning again and apparently Jensen really doesn't know how to do this anymore or Jared really just makes him act this stupid or both. Yeah it’s probably both because Jensen pulls back, lifting his beer to his lips and taking a big gulp. "So what's your major?" And did he really just stop what was gonna be an amazing kiss to ask that stupid question? Fucking dumbass. Jensen really feels like smacking himself right now.

"Um still in-between majors right now." Jared answers, taking a step back from Jensen and yeah, Jensen really wants to smack himself, hard. "But I've been leaning more towards teaching."

"Oh yeah? Teaching in general or like a specific field?"

"Teaching in general. Like third grade." Jared says. "I like kids I used to tutor a lot back in high school. Both at the middle and elementary schools and I really liked it." Jared tells him, smiling at the memory. "It was like, when I was tutoring them, and I was able to make it easier for them so that they got it and then their faces would just break out in this smile and it was the greatest feeling in the world." Jared says with a bright smile. Jensen finds himself smiling along with Jared, unable not to, Jared's smile was just so contagious. "Sorry. I guess I get a little carried away when I talk about it." Jared says with a shrug and a blush.

"No it's okay. If you're honestly that passionate about teaching by just talking about it, you should definitely make that your major. I think you would be a great teacher." Jensen says sincerely.

"Thanks." Jared smiles. "I think I will." Jared nods mostly to himself. "You know, I've been going through different majors like crazy and you're the only one who's really been able to get me to make up my mind." Jared states, slight wonder and disbelief in his voice. "My mom would probably come up here and hug you. She's been hounding me to find a major. Wait till I tell her a guy I've only known for about two hours got me to make a decision." Jared says with a chuckle.

"Well tell your mom I said she's welcome and I'm glad I could help." Jensen says with a laugh.

"Will do." Jared chuckle. "So what about you? What's your major?" Jared asks leaning back against the wall.

"Medicine." Jensen answers. "I wanna work in an Emergency Room. I know it's fast pace and pretty hectic. I interned at one back in Texas and the things going on in that place could make your head spin." Jensen says with a small laugh.

"What made you wanna become a doctor?" Jared asks, looking at Jensen intently, a genuinely curious look covering his features. Jensen's never had anyone look at him like that. No one's really sounded that interested in his answer when they asked him that question. So his standard 'how cool is it to save lives?' remark wasn't going to work for Jared.

"It's cool to save lives?" Jensen asks. He's never really told his real reason why he wanted to become a doctor and he's a little worried that Jared may laugh at him. And as that thought crosses his mind he knows it's not true. Jensen knows that no matter how out of it a reason could be, he knows Jared would never laugh at a person if they were truly honest about it.

"C'mon man." Jared says with a small shake of his head. "The real reason." Jared prods.

"The real reason?" Jensen asks, just to be sure.

"Yeah, if you'll tell me." Jared answers.

"Alright. C'mon." Jensen agrees before walking away.


"You gonna tell me now?" Jared asks with a small smirk. They had walked off to go grab another set of beers and then had found some unoccupied chairs in a little corner of the room where they were now sitting, facing each other.

"Yeah." Jensen chuckles. "Okay, so I've never really told anyone this story before." Jensen starts.

"You mean you've never told anyone the reason why you wanna be a doctor?"

"Yeah, basically." Jensen answers and Jared doesn't question him any further so he continues. "I was fifteen. Me and my sister had been playing around out back and we were running around the yard when she tripped and fell. She ended up breaking her arm and she was just crying and wailing and saying it hurt. I picked her up and walked inside and over to my mom. I told her what happened and we got in the car and took her to the emergency room." Jensen says, looking up at Jared to see if he was still with him so far. Jared was just looking at him, leaning forward towards him as he concentrated on Jensen's words and gave him all of his attention. "When we got there it was really crazy. Before then I had never been in an ER. It was really packed and there were so many people just running around calling things out. It was sort of like an organized kind of chaos. They gave my sister some pain meds so she wouldn't have to hurt too much as we waited to get called back. There was this kid that got wheeled in maybe ten minutes after we had gotten there. He had been shot and he was on this gurney and there was blood seeping through the gauze and it was all over the place. One of the doctors had come running out, asking what the situation was. The EMT's were telling the doctor and nurses what had happened, the doctor gave the nurses orders as they began wheeling the kid towards the elevator. The mother of the boy came running up to the doctor, screaming and crying and pulling on him." Jensen pauses. "I remember her just screaming. Crying about her baby and telling the doctor that he had to save him, that she couldn't live without him, to just save her boy. That's all she kept crying and the doctor laid his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eye and said, 'Your son is going to be fine. I promise you, I will do everything I can to save his life.' And the woman nodded and the doctor smiled softly at her before he turned away and headed into the elevator. About a half hour later, I was walking down the hall from my sisters room to go get a drink as they were setting her cast and I saw that woman again. He eyes were rimmed red and puffy and as the doctor came out of the room, the woman quickly stood and ran over to the doctor. The doctor smiled and told her 'Your son is going to perfectly fine.' And the woman had sobbed and fallen into the doctor’s arms crying and thanking him holding onto him. The doctor led the mother to her son’s room and as they were leaving, the doctor looked over at me and smiled, giving me a slight nod." Jensen pauses again, allowing the story to sink in a bit. "It was at that moment I decided I wanted to become a doctor. I thought that if I could make a difference to any person's life by saving them, or one of their loved ones, and I got to see that relief on their faces, I'd be happy. I know I can't save them all, and there'll be times I wish I could, but if I look at all the lives I could save, all the lives I could change, it'd all be worth it." Jensen looks up at Jared once he finishes his story. Jensen can't place the look on Jared's face, it's a mixture of all sorts of things.

"Wow Jensen." Jared whispers. "That's amazing." Jared states and Jensen ducks his head a little. "I mean I've never heard anyone tell a life changing story like that. I think you're going be an amazing doctor one day Jensen, and you're gonna save a lot of lives and help a lot of people." Jared tells him, smiling at him.

Jensen should really kiss him right now but since his brain or his body isn't cooperating with him right now he breaks the moment and blurts out, "I don't know how to do this." Because he really doesn't. He's confused, and nervous and he can really fall for this amazing guy in front of him that he met with a kiss and has only known for less than a day. A guy that can make him feel a million things at once, that no one has ever made him feel before.

"Do what?"

And Jared looks so genuinely confused that Jensen finds himself spilling his guts. "This. Talking to you." And if Jared wasn't confused before, Jensen just made him even more so. "I'm not used to people kissing me and then running into them at parties and having real conversations. I'm not used to a guy trying to really get to know me. I'm not used to trying to really get to know the guy I'm talking to. You make me nervous and I'm never nervous. And it's scary because I think I can really fall for you and you make me feel a million different things at once that I've never felt before." Jensen quickly shuts his mouth, his face going red from realizing what he's just said to Jared. "Oh shit." Jensen states before quickly getting up and disappearing into the crowd, leaving a very confused Jared staring after him


“Jensen! Wait!” Jared calls as he quickly stands up and runs after Jensen, catching his arm and pulling him back just as he reaches the middle of the crowd.

“Jared, please, I just- ” And Jensen doesn’t get to finish his sentence because Jared’s lips are covering his and it only takes him about two seconds to figure out that Jared is kissing him before he quickly begins to respond. The kiss is nothing like the first one. This one is more, so much more. More demanding, more passionate, more Jared. Jared’s tongue licks at Jensen’s bottom lip and Jensen immediately complies, opening his mouth up to Jared’s probing tongue. At the first contact of Jared’s tongue to his own, Jensen moans and steps closer to Jared, wrapping his arms around the taller man’s shoulders. Jared holds onto Jensen’s hips, pulling their bodies tighter together as he angles his head, making the kiss that much deeper. Jensen tangles his fingers in Jared’s hair, tugging lightly on the locks and pushing Jared’s mouth firmer against his. Jensen nips at Jared’s lip lightly before sucking on the flesh, eliciting a moan from Jared and damn if that only makes Jensen kiss him more. He never wants to stop, ever. Jensen could die happy right now if he could just kiss Jared forever. He’s never felt anything like this before and it scares the shit out of him. He’s never been vulnerable around someone before; he’s avoided that scene completely, but here with Jared, Jensen doesn’t know what to do. It’s all in Jared’s hands right now and Jensen is just going to go with it. Whatever happens, happens. As much as Jensen would love to continue kissing Jared though, the need for air becomes necessary, and Jensen has to pull away, gasping in breaths of air, panting against Jared’s lips as their foreheads lean against each other.

Jared is staring into Jensen’s eyes and then smiles, caressing Jensen’s jaw and running his hand back to cup Jensen’s neck. “You know,” Jared whispers, still keeping eye contact. “You shouldn‘t leave after ranting without letting someone reply. You might just miss the answer you were looking for.” Jared grins at Jensen all truth in his eyes and confirmation to the unspoken question that was lingering around them.

“Sorry, but I‘ll keep that in mind for next time.” Jensen grins back, and his brain is back in motion again. “But if it gets me reactions like that from you then I think I might just have to do it again.” Jensen smirks at Jared.

Jared laughs. “What happened to the shy and nervous, ranting Jensen that was here just a few moments ago?” Jared asks with a smile.

“Well you see, that Jensen finally figured out that he was being really stupid and he just had one of the best kisses of his entire life.” Jensen replies matter of fact.

“One of?” Jared asks, eyebrow raised playfully.

“Yeah, that kissing booth one was pretty amazing as well.” Jensen tells him, a grin on his face.

Jared grins back at him and whispers “Good.” Before leaning down to claim Jensen’s mouth once again. It’s not as fierce as the previous kiss, but it’s just as good and it still leaves Jensen’s body hot.

“Get a room you two!” Chris and Sophia yell and Jensen just flips them off, pulling Jared tighter against him as the kiss continues, Jared smiling into the kiss as he does so. Jensen and Jared pull away again, their eyes connecting smiling at each other, and yeah, Jensen isn’t sure what’s happening, or if it’ll even last, but he knows he wants Jared, and that he wants to try and that’s all he really needs to know.


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