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Part Two of the Kissing!Verse: The First Date Kiss

So this is part of the Kissing!Verse that I recently picked up so be sure to read the Kissing Booth first before reading this one.

Title: The First Date Kiss

Pairing: Jensen/Jared

Rating: PG13

A/N: This is the second installment to the Kissing!Verse

Warnings: lots of kissing and curse words

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own them.

Summary: Ah, first dates. Those were the days right? Plans, nerves, pep-talks, more nerves, the occasional break down in the middle of a dark deserted road and talks of a serial killer. Fun times.




"I think we should go out on a date." Jared states as he plops down onto the bed.

Jensen looks over at Jared from his spot on the chair at his desk. "We have been out on a date." Jensen says, flipping the page in his book, glancing up at Jared when all he gets is silence.

Jared rolls his eyes and Jensen smiles softly to himself because it's just so cute when Jared does that. "No, I mean an actual date."

"We have been on an actual date." Jensen says, a little confused now.

"Lunch in the cafeteria or hanging out with our friends is not considered a date Jensen." Jared tells him.

"Okay, then what would you actually consider a date?" Jensen asks folding his arms across his chest, waiting for the answer that Jensen knows will be explained in detail.

He and Jared have been together for only about a week but it's been one hell of a week. They haven't spent more than an hour apart from each other unless they're in class. It's only been a week, but Jensen already knows so much about Jared. It was so easy getting to know him. Jared was sweet, funny, caring, smart and amazing kisser. They had definitely practiced the latter a lot. If they weren't attached at the hip then they were attached at the lips. Jensen got teased by Chris that all Jared had to do was kiss him and he was putty in his hands. Then Jared had turned those puppy dog eyes on Chris later and conned him into buying food for them all. Chris was doing good at refusing at first but then Jared put his eyes on full force and Chris was powerless against them, mumbling under his breath the entire time he went to go order the food. They had all just laughed and Jared had cockily joked that no one could resist his puppy stare. They had only been together a week and Jensen was already the happiest he'd ever been, but apparently he missed the memo about what exactly a real date was.

"Well okay fine, you could count them as sort of dates but we haven't been on a real 'first date' yet." Jared says relenting a bit.

"A real first date?" Jensen inquires, eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, you know. We go to dinner, see a movie. Talk about ourselves. Get to know each other. You know how it goes." Jared states.

"Jared I already know more stuff about you then you think." Jensen points out.

Jared just raises an eyebrow in question a small smirk on his face. "Really? And what do you know about me?" Jared asks in challenge.

"Like that you're from Texas, you have a brother and a sister. You're a teaching major. You eat a lot. You were the quarterback for your high school football team and took them to state. You've only had two serious relationships. You love to cuddle and you're a fucking good kisser." Jensen says, ticking off a few of the things he's learned and some of the stuff he remembers Rachel told him that Jared never had.

"You love it when I cuddle with you." Jared points out.

"Fine okay. I do." Jensen relents, smiling softly.

"So how do you know all this stuff about me where as I'm still somewhat clueless about you?" Jared asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

Damn, Jensen forgot about that part. "Um, Rachel told me?" It comes out as more of a question than and answer and Jared just looks at him.

"Rachel." It wasn't a question. "And how does she know all that?"

"Well after that day at the kissing booth, her and Allison kind of went and uh, checked you out." Jensen says, his face tingeing pink.

"You had me checked out?" Jared asks, not mad just curious and a little amused.

"I didn't Sophia did. But yeah, they went and found out a bunch of stuff about you and then they told me." Jensen answers.

"Well," Jared pauses and Jensen looks up, instantly a little turned on by the look on Jared's face and the sly smile spreading across his lips. "There's one thing you don't know about me Jen." Jared states, and if Jensen wasn't turned on before, he is now because Jared is crawling over his bed and pulling Jensen toward him by the shirt, straddling his thighs once he's close enough. "I put out on the first date." Jared whispers, hot breath ghosting against Jensen's neck and damn if Jared's low, seductive voice didn't do things to him.

Jensen pulls back a little and looks at Jared. "So around seven then?" Jensen asks, with barely veiled lust in his voice.

Jared laughs and Jensen really doesn't know why he's laughing in the first place. Jared has just made him harder than ever with just a dirty whisper. "Seven." Jared nods. "I'll call you with details." Jared moves to leave and Jensen's brow creases.

"Where are you going?" Jensen asks as Jared gets off his lap, already missing the heat from Jared's body.

"To plan our date." Jared smiles, all dimples before leaning down and kissing Jensen softly before walking out of the door.

As Jared leaves, Jensen looks up and sighs. Yeah, he's in deep and he knows it. But he can't help feeling that he's both excited and a little scared about their date tonight. Knowing Jared it'll be interesting and really, he's just looking forward to spending some more time with him. Jesus he's such a sap.


"Where's Jared?" Chris asks in greeting as he opens the door for Jensen.

"Hey Chris, I'm doing good, what about you?" Jensen replies with mock cheer.

"Yeah, yeah." Chris rolls his eyes. "No, but really, where's your better half?" Chris asks with a smirk as they walk into the living room where the rest of the group is.

"Hey Jen!" Rachel, Sophia and Allison all chorus as he walks into the room.

"Where's your BF?" Sophia asks conversationally.

"What? Can I not go places without Jared?" Jensen asks, looking at all his friends. Really, he wasn't always with Jared. He did things by himself too.

"No." The all answer in unison, making Jensen scowl in reply.

"You two are practically attached at the hip. You never go anywhere without the other unless it's to class." Chris points out.

"You know, I resent that. I can totally do things by myself." Jensen huffs. "It's just that me and Jared like being around each other."

"Uh huh. Whatever you say Jen." Allison teases.

"Please Jensen, you guys are so up each other's asses." Chris states, then pauses. "Pun fully intended." Chris adds as an after thought with a full blown smirk. Jensen's cheeks heat up a bit at that and that just makes Chris's smirk widen.

"So where is he Jen?" Steve asks casually and this is seriously why Jensen loves Steve.

"He's out planning our first date." Jensen states as he plops down beside Steve on the couch.

"Didn't you guys go out a few days ago?" Chris asks with a slightly confused expression.

"Well apparently, lunch at the cafeteria doesn't count as a date." Jensen answers with a shrug.

"Oh you guys are helpless." Sophia states, shaking her head at the guys.

"What?" All three asks in unison.

"I can't believe you haven't taken the boy out Jen." Rachel scolds.

"Well I- " And really, Jensen has no defense. "Sorry?" It's a question because really, what is he supposed to say.

"Chris, Steve, what was your guys' first date?" Allison asks, turning to the other guys, dismissing Jensen's apology.

"Well our date was a little.... weird." Steve answers with a small laugh.

"I'll say." Chris adds, smiling at Steve.

"Okay so you want to elaborate a little on that?" Jensen asks because yeah he's interested now and he's never actually heard this story which makes him wonder why he never asked for it in the first place if Chris is his best friend.

"I don't know, I guess basically we didn't really know we were on a date." Steve laughs.

"How do you not know if you're on a date or not?" Rachel asks both curiosity and skepticism coating her voice.

"Because it was kind of like any other night except different." Chris answers with a slight shrug. He's met with four blank stares and he sighs. "Steve?" Chris says looking over at his boy friend for help.

Steve chuckles and pats Chris's knee before taking over. "What he means is that we were really just hanging out at first. We had decided to go get something to eat and then catch a movie or something. We went to dinner and then to the movie. I don't really know how or when it turned into a date but the next thing I know, Chris is leaning over the seat and we're making out in the theatre." Steve says, sharing a smile with Chris.

"Aw how cute." The girls chorus making Chris and Steve blush in reply.

"See Jen, now that's a date." Sophia points out.

"What? How's that a date if they didn't even know they were actually on a date?" Jensen asks because he really wants to know the logic behind that.

"Because," And Rachel has that 'god could you be any more stupid' voice on again. "They actually went to dinner and a movie."

"Yeah, and it probably felt like a date but since Chris is a little senseless and Steve is a little shy, they probably didn't want to say anything and make it seem awkward if it wasn't what they thought it was. Right?" Allison states, looking over the implied men.

"I'm not senseless." Chris says indignantly. "But yeah, that's putting it simply." Chris nods.

"See. Date." Rachel nods.

Jensen rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "Okay, fine. Whatever. God I'm so glad I don't date girls. I think I would go crazy with all these weird rules and logics you guys have." Jensen states. Chris and Steve nod in agreement as the girls glare at the three men in reply.

"Well where are you two going tonight?" Sophia asks, changing the subject back to the topic at hand.

"I don't know." Jensen half shrugs. "Jared said he was gonna go make plans and we'd go at seven." Jensen answers, thinking about what Jared would come up with. "It's probably just dinner and a movie." Jensen shrugs. "You know, basic first date?"

"You nervous Jen?" Rachel teases.

Jensen scoffs. "No. Why would I be nervous?" And yeah, okay, he's a little nervous. But that's mainly because he doesn't really know what Jared can or would plan. And then there's the promise that would come after the date. But nervous, like full blown nervous? No. That's not Jensen. He doesn't get nervous with guys when he goes out. But then again it is Jared. The guy who made him a spluttering mess with just one fucking kiss.

"Because it's Jared. The guy who made you a babbling mess after one kiss." Sophia states taking his thoughts from Jensen's head. And it really isn't fair how well Sophia knows him. Jensen catches Chris's agreeing nod and yeah, it's not fair that Chris knows him so well either.

"We'll be fine guys. I'll be fine." Jensen assures them. Yet in the pit of his stomach, he can't help but feel the nerves start to bubble a little.


"So the nerves are rising then?" Sophia asks from her spot on the bed watching as Jensen paces his room.

"No." Jensen says automatically. "Shut up." Jensen relents as Sophia gives him the 'yeah right' look.

"Jen, calm down. Everything is gonna be fine." Sophia says soothingly as she tugs on Jensen's wrist, pulling him down beside her and effectively stopping his pacing. Jensen glances at her and there's something in his eyes that's more than
just nerves. "What's wrong sweetie?" Sophia asks, concern filling her voice.

"Nothing." Jensen states and then shrugs and rubs his face. "I don't know. I'm just nervous." Jensen says and it's not a lie, he is nervous, but it's not the whole truth either.

"And?" And he should've known Sophia would see it. The fear he was desperately trying to hide.

"And I'm scared out of my mind right now." Jensen admits, looking over at Sophia as she silently asks him why, with a concentrated look. "I'm scared Soph and I don't really even know why." Jensen sighs. "I don't wanna mess this up. Jared, he's one of the best things to ever happen to me and I'm falling for him and we haven't even been together for more than a week and I don't wanna be anywhere else but with him. Is that normal? I mean can someone be that attached to someone so quickly? Can someone miss another person that much even if they're only away for a few hours?" Jensen asks and yeah, he's confused and his nerves have just sky rocketed.

"Oh Jensen." Sophia says with a soft sigh and smile. "Of course they can. It just feels like you're the only one because you've never felt this strongly about someone." Sophia tells him. "But Jared is a really good guy Jen. And even though you've only been together for a week, you guys are amazing together. Sometimes people just click and are meant to be together no matter what." Sophia smiles, reassuring her friend.

"Thanks Soph." Jensen smiles at her, giving the girl a hug.

Sophia hugs Jensen back, rubbing his back soothingly and then they both freeze when a knock at the door grabs their attentions. "Looks like your boy is here." Sophia says with a grin. "Ready?"

"Yeah." Jensen grins, nodding his head and walking to the door. "Hey." Jensen smiles as he opens the door and sees Jared standing there.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Jared asks, smiling brightly at Jensen.

"Yeah." Jensen nods, taking Jared's offered hand, twining his fingers with the other boy

"Bye Sophia!" Jared calls out before Jensen shuts the door and Jensen shakes his head softly, a slight blush tingeing his cheeks as a smile graces his lips.

"Bye guys! Have fun." Sophia calls back, laughter evident in her voice.

"So where are we going?" Jensen asks curiously as they make their way down the hall to the elevators.

"Dinner and a movie." Jared answers, without really answering which makes Jensen shake his head.

"That's not vague at all." Jensen states and Jared just smiles over at him. "C'mon, seriously, where are we going?" Jensen repeats, gently nudging Jared's arm for effect.

"It's a surprise. Just wait, you'll see." Jared answers as he presses the call button for the elevators.

Jensen makes a weird frustrated/impatient/whining scoffing noise in the back of his throat as he looks at Jared. "You know I don't like surprises." Jensen says.

"I know." Jared nods.

"So tell me." Jensen prods.

"Nope." Jared shakes his head as he presses the button for the lobby.

"Jar-red." Jensen whines, pouting slightly.

"No." Jared chuckles, shaking his head at Jensen's pout. "What are you gonna do when we have our anniversary or something? Are you still gonna bug me to tell you about that surprise too?" Jared inquires, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Maybe. More than likely, yes." Jensen answers matter of fact, grinning like an idiot inwardly. Jared already thought they were going to be together long enough to celebrate anniversaries and that revelation just made Jensen that much more confident that they where going to be together a while.

"You're impossible you know that?" Jared more or less states.

"Yeah I know." Jensen nods. "So you gonna tell me or not?" Jensen asks, getting back on topic, smiling over at Jared again.

"Fine, fine. If you must know." Jared relents, sighing for dramatic effect which elicits a small chuckle from Jensen. "You remember that Italian Family Restaurant commercial we saw on TV the other day?" Jared asks.

"Really?" Jensen asks, getting a little excited from the thought. "We're going there? But that's like an hour drive away and aren't we a little underdressed?" Jensen asks, glancing down at their similarly dressed state of jeans, shirts (Jared's blue stripped button down and his flannel) and jackets.

"Nah, we're okay. Don't worry about it." Jared shakes his head. "Everything will be fine." Jared smiles, assuring Jensen. Jensen smiles in return, following Jared out of the dorms and to the parking lot.


"So how'd you get reservations at this place anyway?" Jensen asks as they make the drive down to the restaurant. It was a little Italian place about an hour and half's drive in the woodsy area outside of town. They were currently in the car, driving on the black stretch of road.

"I looked the place up and called." Jared replies, his eyes focused on the road as it began to curve slightly. "Actually, the person who answered says I was lucky because they had just had a last minute cancellation right before I called." Jared continues, briefly glancing over at Jensen and smiling.

"That's cool." Jensen replies, returning the smile, leaning back into his seat, enjoying the ride.

"Yeah, you know for a family restaurant you wouldn't think you'd need reservations. And it's kind of an out of the way place. I mean seriously, who puts a restaurant out in the middle of the woods?" Jared asks.

"Is this the part where we break down and a serial killer comes after us?" Jensen teases, his voice mock serious.

"Yeah probably." Jared replies, nodding his head. "But I would totally survive because the hot one always survives. And let's face it, I'm way hotter." Jared says grinning at Jensen.

Jensen just slaps at his shoulder. "Whatever, I'm hotter. And you basically just called yourself the girl because the one always left alive is the hot virgin chick." Jensen states. "So that makes both of us screwed either way." Jensen adds as an afterthought.

"Actually, I'd still be in for the running." Jared replies.

"What?" Jensen asks, confused.

"Well I've had sex with guys, but I've never actually had sex with a girl before." Jared replies.

"What?" Jensen asks in disbelief.

"What?" Jared shrugs, looking over at Jensen.

"I thought you had a girlfriend in high school." Jensen says a little accusatory, and he doesn't really know why this really needs to be talked about. The fact that Jared's never had sex with a girl really doesn't matter because in retrospect, or Jensen's mind, that just means Jared is all the more attracted to guys so he's okay, but he still can't help but ask because it's Jared.

"I did. But it doesn't mean I had sex with her. She was my first girlfriend. We never really got past heavy make out sessions." Jared answers.

"Huh." Jensen says, leaning back in his seat. "I guess I just assumed." Jensen says with a slight shrug.

"What about you? You've slept with a girl?" Jared asks, eyebrow raised and Jensen blushes.

"Um, yes?" Jensen says, clearing his throat, his reply coming out more as a question then a statement.

"Seriously?" Jared asks, a little shock slipping into his voice.

"It was one time. I was in high school and I was trying to figure out if I was really into guys or if it was just a phase. So I tried it out and well you could pretty much guess where I ended up." Jensen replies as nonchalantly as possible, though his cheeks are still burning. The silence stretches out and Jensen’s not sure if Jared is angry or what and he’s about to say something, when Jared start speaking.

"Well, I guess I really do stay alive then." Jared says with a cheeky grin, effectively ending the awkward moment and saving Jensen from further embarrassment.

"Shut up." Jensen replies, a smile on his face. Jared grins at Jensen as they fall into a comfortable silence. Jensen leans back, letting the quiet and dark surround him. It's nice, being there with Jared, just the two of them. Jensen had questioned the whole 'first date' thing and all the drama that went along with it. What to say, how to act, what to wear. All that stuff. And it didn't help that all his friends had made a big deal out of it. But now that he was actually on the date with Jared and it‘s going well, he's beginning to like it.

"Whoa." The sound of Jared's voice and the car bumping along the road pulls Jensen from his thoughts.

"What's going on?" Jensen asks, looking around and then at Jared.

"I don't- oh you got to be kidding me." Jared groans, shaking his head.

"What?" Jensen asks as Jared pulls off to the side of the road.

"We just got a flat." Jared announces as he sets the car in park. Removing his seat belt, Jared opens the door and steps outside. Jensen follows his lead and quickly gets out of the car and over to Jared. "Well shit." Jared huffs as he crouches down to prod at the deflated driver's side front tire.

"You got a spare don't you?" Jensen asks.

"Yeah. In the trunk. You mind?" Jared asks, looking up at Jensen.

"Sure." Jensen nods, moving to the trunk as Jared pushes the button to pop it open.

"Here." Jared says, making Jensen turn as he hands him a flashlight.

Jensen smiles and moves to the back of the car. Lifting up the lid of the trunk, Jensen flicks on the flashlight and rummages around for a second before lifting up the carpet. "Uh, Jared?" Jensen calls out tentatively.

"What?" Jared asks, looking over at Jensen from his position beside the

"You might wanna come look at this."

Jared stands up and walks over to Jensen "What's...." Jared trails off as he looks down at the empty space where his spare tire is supposed to be.

"Dude, where's your spare?" Jensen asks, still staring at the empty space.

"It was here last week when-" Jared starts and then stops suddenly. "Ugh, I swear to God I'm going fucking kill Chad." Jared groans, shaking his head as he rubs at his temples. Jensen just raises his eyebrow in question when Jared glances at him. "Remember when he borrowed my car last week to move all that shit?" Jared asks and Jensen just nods remembering asking Chad why he would volunteer to move stuff when his car wasn't big enough in the first place. "Well remember how he took out the spare and left it at Chris's so there'd be more room in the trunk? Well I guess the fucker forgot to put the damn thing back." Jared growls and Jensen can't help it, he busts up laughing.

The glare Jared sends him just makes him laugh harder. "I'm sorry." Jensen pants. "Really, I am," Jensen says through laughter. "But seriously, this is Chad we're talking about. You should've known better." Jensen finishes, finally calming down.

"Shut up. I know." Jared says, closing the trunk.

"Let's just call AAA and have them change the tire." Jensen suggests, figuring he could at least try to be helpful instead of laughing at their situation.

"Yeah, okay." Jared sighs, pulling out his phone. "Shit, I don't have service."

Jensen pulls out his phone and flips it open, instantly frowning. "Well, that's not good." Jensen states, looking at the screen that reads no signal. Jensen looks up at Jared and Jared's just staring at him like he's praying Jensen is joking.

"Fuck!" Jared yells, throwing his hands up.

Jensen closes his phone and slips it back into his pocket. Guess he spoke too soon, this date is definitely not going well.


"Look Jay, it's gonna be fine." Jensen says some odd minutes later. Jared had fumed silently before dropping down onto the pavement in defeat, where they were now seated. Which only slightly confused Jensen because they could be sitting in the car instead of the hard asphalt but he wasn't going to tell Jared that.

"Yeah." Jared says, slight sarcasm coating his voice. "We should probably walk until we get some signal so we can call someone." Jared says, finally lifting his head and looking at Jensen.

"Okay. So the questions is, do we go forward, or backward?" Jensen asks, pointing in the two different directions.

"Well we're kind of in the middle so either way is about the same distance I guess." Jared says with a shrug. "We should probably just go back."

"Okay." Jensen nods, standing up.

Jared stands up as well with a grunt and turns to lock up the car before pocketing his keys. "Got the light?" Jared asks when he turns back towards Jensen.

"Yup." Jensen says turning on the flashlight. "C'mon." Jensen says, motioning his head for Jared to follow him.

It’s quiet in the dark as the boys make their way down the road. Nothing but the sound of their footsteps and the crickets hidden within the dark line of the trees, make any sound. They’ve been walking silently for the last twenty minutes. Jared’s quiet and Jensen’s a little scared. Jared’s never quiet, not unless he’s kissing Jensen, and even then Jared’s making small little noises in the back of his throat. So the silence is a little unsettling but Jensen doesn’t dare break it.

"Hey Jen?" Jared says, suddenly breaking the silence of the night and pulling Jensen from his own head.

“Yeah Jay?” Jensen asks, turning his head to look at Jared as they continue walking.

“I‘m sorry about our date. This isn‘t what I really had planned for tonight.” Jared says with a sheepish smile and a small shrug.

Jensen smiles softly. “Hey, don‘t worry about it man. It‘s okay, it‘s not your fault.” Jensen assures him, grabbing onto Jared‘s hand, rubbing the soft skin with his thumb. Jared smiles softly at the gesture and Jensen grins, pulling Jared a little closer as their hands sway slightly between them. “I mean, it could be worse right?” Jensen jokes, laughing a little.

“Yeah I guess.” Jared chuckles softly. “You know,” Jared says, thoughtful. “This could be easily categorized as your fault.” Jared states.

“What?” Jensen asks, stopping shortly.

“Well, you were the one that jinxed us.” Jared answers, a small smirk on his face.

“What?” Jensen asks, his voice raising an octave. “How the hell is this my fault and how did I jinx us?” Because Jensen really wants to hear the logic behind that.

“You did say in the car that we‘d break down.” Jared points out.

“Yeah, and I also said that a serial killer was gonna come after us. It was a joke dude.” Jensen says, dropping Jared’s hand and crossing his arms over his chest. Jared was not going to blame this on him. “Besides, who was the one who let Chad of all people borrow their car without checking that he put everything back?” Jensen asks with a raised eyebrow.

Jared looks like he’s about to come back with a witty remark and then stops. “Touché.” Jared relents.

“Thought so.” Jensen says, still a little irked that Jared would blame their situation on him. It was Jared’s stupid idea to on this date anyway. Jensen would’ve been perfectly fine with staying in and watching TV in the dorms and making out on the bed. But no, Jared had to go and make it a big deal and take him out on a date that by the way, was turning out to be the worst date in the history of first dates. Ever. And if Jared thinks he’s getting something out of this when they get back home he has another- “What?” Jensen asks, a little annoyed as Jared’s laughter pulls him from his angry thoughts.

“You‘re cute when you get angry.” Jared replies easily. And Jensen just stares at Jared, a little lost for words. Jared grins and Jensen finally gets it.

“I hate you.” Jensen replies, glaring at Jared and walking a little faster.

Jared laughs and jogs a little to catch up with Jensen. “C‘mon Jen. I was kidding. It‘s not your fault and you didn‘t jinx us, though it does seem a little coincidental.” Jared must see that he’s not really convincing Jensen so he changes tactic. “Jensen, c‘mon. I‘m sorry. Really.” Jared says, stopping Jensen with a hand on his arms, pulling him closer.

“You are not funny.” Jensen says looking up at Jared.

“Yes I am and you love me.” Jared replies with a grin, pulling Jensen in closer, their faces inches apart.

“No, you aren‘t.” Jensen replies and hopefully Jared doesn’t catch that he didn’t deny that part about loving Jared because that’s not something he’s either ready to admit or talk about yet.

Jared grins and Jensen knows he caught on but is glad when Jared doesn’t push it and just goes with it, filing it away for later. Jared doesn’t say anything, just stares into Jensen’s eyes and Jensen leans in slightly when Jared pulls back suddenly and takes his hand, beginning to walk again. Jensen just stares at Jared for a second and focuses on the black stretch of road in front of them. Jensen’s confused, to say the least. It looked like Jared was gonna kiss him. He could see the want there and Jensen knows Jared was a second away from pulling him forward, closing those last few gaps of space between them, but he didn’t. And that scares Jensen a little. He really needs to learn what he does and doesn’t say around Jared.

“Tell me about yourself.” Jared says suddenly and if Jared makes Jensen any more confused, Jensen’s gonna have a serious headache by the time they get home.


Jared laughs a little. “C‘mon, just because we missed our dinner reservation doesn’t mean this night has to be total waste.” Jared points out. “So we‘ll just have the conversation we would‘ve had over dinner, minus the dinner part.” Jared says and grins, dimples showing.

And that smile could make Jensen do just about anything. “Fine.” Jensen sighs and really, he needs to learn to quit giving in so easily when it comes to Jared otherwise he’s gonna be so screwed later on. “What do you want to know?”

“Anything. Everything.” Jared shrugs. “Just start wherever.”

“Okay…” Jensen sighs, trying to arrange his thoughts. “Well you already know I‘m from Texas. All my family is still in Dallas where I grew up. I have an older brother, Josh and a little sister, Mackenzie. My parents are Donna and Alan Ackles. I played lacrosse in high school all for years and I can play guitar.” Jensen says, looking up at Jared. “How‘s that?”

Jared smiles softly. “What are your brother and sister like?”

“Like how all older brothers and younger sisters are, you should know.” Jensen says with a smirk.

“Smartass.” Jared mumbles, voice full of fondness. “No seriously, what are they like?”

“Josh is cool. He‘s my big brother, always will be, and he loves to hold that against me.” Jensen says with a fond smile. “We were close growing up, still are. He used to take me along with him and his friends sometimes. It was cool you know? Cause they were older and I was Josh‘s kid brother and not many people take their little brothers along with them but Josh did. He always looked after and backed me up whenever I needed him. We used to drive my mother crazy sometimes.” Jensen says suddenly, laughing at the memories that swim in his mind.

“Why?” Jared asks with an intrigued smile.

“Because sometimes we‘d get into these huge arguments and start wrestling and end up breaking something and then the next minute we‘d be best buddies again. She used to yell at us and say we were worse than a couple of women with all of our mood swings.” Jensen laughs. “It was fun. He was the first one of my family I came out to.” Jensen says in a quieter voice.

“Yeah?” Jared asks in the same quiet voice.

“Yeah. Chris was the first person I came out to because he was my best friend, but that was different. It was my family and I was scared shitless and when I told Josh I kind of just blurted it out in one jumbled sentence. He just looked at me confused, trying to figure out what I had just said and then just asked ‘What?’ because he still couldn’t understand me and then I told him again, slower that time.” Jensen pauses, taking a breath. “I think he must‘ve seen how scared I was and he just pulled me in and gave me a hug. Told me it was okay, that he was still my brother and that he’d love me no matter what. He pulled back and my eyes were watery because I was just so fucking relieved and then he smiled and said that if I ever dated one of his friends he‘d kick both of our asses. And we just laughed because that was what I needed. He helped me come out to the rest of my family and stuck by me the whole time and he‘s been there ever since.” Jensen finishes.

“That‘s cool man.” Jared says with a nod and small smile. “He still living in Texas?”

“Yeah.” Jensen nods. “Lives with his fiancé. The wedding‘s supposed to be sometime in early December. Carey and my mom wanted a winter wedding.” Jensen says with small chuckle.

“Your mom‘s excited then?” Jared says with a knowing smile.

“Of course she is. She drives Josh insane when her and Carey get together to discuss details and always stays clear of the house whenever it happens because they always ask his opinion on stuff and when he gives it or makes a comment they nearly rip him a new one so he‘s learned to just stay out of it whenever they break out the wedding books.” Jensen says laughing. “He‘s called me a few times actually right after it happens and you can still hear my mom and Carey yelling at him in the background.”

Jared laughs along with Jensen before asking another question. “And your sister?”

“Ah, she‘s a whole other story.” Jensen says and Jared laughs. “Mac, man that girl.” Jensen says, shaking his head at the memory of his sister. “Drove me and Josh crazy when she was younger. Always getting into our stuff and hanging around, getting us into trouble. Then she hit high school and that was a whole different kind of crazy.” Jensen says shaking his head.

“Boys.” Jared states in a knowing tone, shaking his head at his own memories.

“Yeah. Boys. Man she used to scare the shit out of me and Josh. I swear half the time we couldn‘t keep up with the way she went through different guys.” Jensen replays his words in his head and the quickly amends himself. “I mean, not that she was a slut or anything, just you know teenage girls, a new crush every week and all that.” Jared laughs and nods in understanding before Jensen continues. “Josh wanted to make a broadcast on the PA system at school warning all guys to stay away from our baby sister unless they wanted to be separated from a key part of their anatomy.” Jensen says laughing. “Then Mac overheard us and ran and told our moms and threatened to tell every one all our secrets. The thing about Mac is, she knows everything. Seriously. We never knew how, or if she was even telling the truth or not, but there was just something in her eyes that said she every little thing about us. That was pretty much the only thing stopping Josh from doing it, because he had no clue what Mac knew and he didn‘t feel like finding out.”

“How‘d she take it when you came out?”

“Well I came out my Senior year in high school and she was just starting as a freshman so she simply said that she already knew that and that she‘d have to break it to her friends who were going to be highly disappointed.” Jensen says. “She told me one time that her friends used to match me up with some of the guys at school and see how hot we were together. It freaked me out.” Jensen states simply, shuddering at the memory and Jared laughs. “It‘s not funny man. These were fourteen year old girls thinking about me and other guys together. Every time I‘d see one of them they‘d just look at me and then start whispering quietly with each other, glancing at me every few seconds. It was scary as hell.” Jared cracks up laughing at that. “Whatever man, it‘s not funny.” Jensen says, shaking his head at Jared.

“Sorry, but it is kind of funny, you being scared of a couple of teenage girls.” Jared points out.

“I had a right to be. Josh said half the time they were either looking at me like they wanted to jump me or like they were imagining me having sex with another guy.” Jared just lets out a whole other round of giggles at that and Jensen just shakes his head. Anything could get Jared laughing and the fact that Jared’s laugh made Jensen’s insides flutter every time he heard it didn’t mean anything. "Anyway, after everything was out in open, Mac kind of took up resident protector since Josh was away at school. Let me tell you, that girl can be downright scary when she wants to be." Jensen states.

"Why or how?" Jared asks, both curious and a little confused.

"Okay, let me put it this way, in the beginning, whenever I went out with a guy more than a couple times, I'd bring him home so he could meet the 'rents." Jensen starts and Jared nods, waiting for him to continue. "Well instead of my parents asking questions, and giving warning and all that, it was Mac. She was like mom, dad and Josh all rolled into one. It got to the point where I just stopped bringing people home to meet them." Jensen says with a small chuckle.

"She loves you." Jared replies.

"Yeah, I know. We're close, not in the same way that me and Josh are because he's my big brother and there are certain things you just don't talk about with your big bro. So I go to Mac and we just have this understanding. She's my baby sis you know? It's just how it goes." Jensen shrugs.

"Yeah, I get it. I got one of my own." Jared smiles. "So, you haven't introduced any of the guys you've gone out with to your family?"

"Not since freshman year of college. I was dating this guy and Mac had come up to visit for one of her breaks. Needless to say she scared the poor guy off. I was a little pissed, but then she pointed out that if he couldn't handle her or her questions and ran off, then he wasn't any good for me. I don't how she talked me into it, but by the end of the night I was sitting in my dorm room, watching movies and not even thinking about the guy." Jensen says.

"Huh." Jared says and Jensen knows that tone.


"I guess my next question is, do I get to meet your family?" And it's said in a joking manner, topped off with a lopsided smirk, but it's also a loaded question and Jensen can see it plain as day.

"Depends," Jensen says, a sly smile slipping onto his face.

"On what?" Jared asks, lips turning up slightly in amusement and caution.

"Do you think you can handle my sister?"

Jared looks as if he's mulling over the idea. "I think I can." Jared answers finally, smiling.

"I think you can too." Jensen smiles. "Guess we'll just have to see."

"Guess so." Jared replies. And Jensen loves that Jared's ready to step up to the challenge of meeting his family, because if he's honest, he really wants him too. Jensen knows his family is gonna love Jared. "What about your mom and dad?" Jared asks suddenly.

"They're great." Jensen says with a smile. "I mean they’re parents of course, but they're great. My mom, she can be overprotective and nosy as hell when she wants to be, but she's so sweet and everyone loves her. But get her angry and that's the worst thing you could ever do. She'll put you in your place so quick it'll make your head spin. And it's not like she even yells at you. She just talks to you in that mother tone and then you realize what an ass you've been and have to apologize."

"Oh yeah, I know what that's like." Jared nods.

Jensen laughs. "Yeah, my dad, he's more of a stubborn old mule and he may look hard, but he's just a big softie at heart. Unless it comes to his wife and his kids he's just as protective as my mother, if not more."

"How'd they react when you told them?"

"Well they were a little shocked. Not completely because they had their suspicions but shocked none the less. They were honest, they told me they loved me no matter who I decided to love. They said it would take some getting used to, but as long as I was happy, they were happy."

"How long did it take for them to come around?" Jared asks.

"Well it took my mom all of two days before she was trying to set me up with someone." Jensen says with a small chuckle. "My dad took a little longer. He didn't look at me any different, or treat me different. It was just something he had to wrap his head around, but after about a week or two he was already cracking jokes and arguing with my mom over different guys she wanted me to date." Jensen smiles. "He was the hardest one to tell. I mean, every kid who comes out has that fear of their father rejecting them. That fear of losing their family. But I guess it all worked out for me, so I consider myself lucky for having a family who loves me." Jensen says, looking over at Jared. Jared nods, a silent understanding and squeezes Jensen's hand a little.

"So, lacrosse huh?" Jared asks and Jensen shakes his head.


"What?" Jared asks with a small smile.

"Nope, I've told you everything about my family. Enough about me. It's your turn. What's your family like Jared?" Jensen asks, smiling at Jared.

"Okay, okay. Fair enough." Jared relents. “My family,” Jared says wistfully and then sighs. “You sure you wanna know?” Jared asks with a grin.

Jensen slaps at Jared’s arm with the hand that isn’t being held. “C‘mon. Seriously.”

“Ow, okay. Jeez, aggressive much?” Jared whines, rubbing at his arm.

“Hey, my aggressiveness can be a good quality in certain situations.” Jensen points out, staring in Jared’s eyes.

Jensen knows the moment Jared figures out the double meaning to his words when he feel a light shudder wrack the other boy’s body. He can see the heat begin to flare in Jared’s eyes and his own heart starts beating just a little faster. Jared clears his throat after a few seconds, shaking his head. “Dude, we can‘t talk about that when I‘m about to talk about my family. Seriously.”


And Jensen laughs, because yeah, talking about your family could just about kill any sexual mood. “Sex and Family, not a good combination. Got it.” Jensen says with a smile.

“Good. Okay.” Jared says, remembering what Jensen had asked him. “My family‘s pretty similar to yours, which I remember Danneel telling me that it was actually kind of weird in a cute way. Which really didn‘t make any sense but okay, whatever.” Jensen chuckles and rolls his eyes because Jared could twelve different conversations in one and sometimes it was hard to keep track but he was getting used to it. “Anyway, I have an older brother, Jeff and a little sister, Megan.”

“Wow. That‘s, weird.” Jensen says, realizing just how alike their families actually are.

“Yeah I know.” Jared says and then shrugs as if it's no big thing.

"What's Jeff like?"

"Like he was my big brother." Jared says with a grin. "He was different from yours though. He was like a typical big brother who got annoyed when I tagged along but after an hour he wouldn't even care anymore. He was the first one that found out I was into guys."

"You didn't tell him?" Jensen asks because he heard the way Jared worded that.

"Not exactly." Jared says, scrunching up his nose at the memory. "He was coming down from the university for the week before classes started up again and I didn't know he was home cause he got there a little early. Anyway, he ended up walking in on me and this guy making out early in my Junior year." Jensen's eyes widen slightly and Jared just nods his head. "Yeah."

"What'd he do?" Jensen asks because that type of situation could go really bad.

"He just looks at us and then turns yelling out the door 'Time to pay up guys!'" Jared replies. "Then my parents come into the room and my mom huffs and turn to my dad and says 'Well pay the boy Jerry.' My dad sighs, takes out his wallet and hands Jeff twenty bucks. And the whole time, I'm just sitting there on the bed trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and Travis keeps glancing at me and he's scared shitless. So I finally clear my throat and ask what the hell is going on and my mom turns to me and then looks at Travis and quickly moves to him, tugging him up from the bed and telling him that he should probably be getting home. He left and then my mom shuts the door to my room and I'm just staring at them. Then my brother shrugs and says 'You forgot to hide your porn dude. Mom found it when she was cleaning' as if that explained everything. Which it basically did. We just spent the rest of that night talking about everything. They asked about my previous girlfriend and if that was just some kind of cover. I told them no, that it wasn't a cover and that I was attracted to both guys and girls and they said okay. And that was my coming out story." Jared says with a shrug.

Jensen just looks at Jared, a million different responses going through his head until he finally settles on, "Oh man." Because what the hell can you say to something like that?

"Yeah. I know. It's weird and probably the most unorthodox way to come out but that's how it happened." Jared laughs. "We ended up telling Megan that night at dinner and she was just like 'well duh' and that was it."

Jensen laughs and shakes his head. "So what about your sister?"

"Megan." Jared says with a soft smile. "She's my favorite. Me and Jeff, we're close and we hang out 'cause he's my big brother. But me and Meggie, we've always been really close, ever since we were kids. My mom used to tell me that when she was a baby I was always really careful with her. Maybe that's why she's so spoiled."

"And I take it that's partially your fault?" Jensen says with a smile.

"Partially." Jared nods, grinning. "I may spoil her every now and then, but we could get angry at each other. Out battles were legendary at the Padalecki house." Jared says shaking his head. "We could go on for days, back and forth, and more often than not, it'd end in some kind of prank war."

"Prank war?" Jensen asks with a laugh.

"Yeah. My mom nearly lost her head when her kitchen got involved one time." Jared says, shaking his head. "One thing you don't mess with is the kitchen. That's my mom's sanctuary. That woman practically lives in there."

"Well yeah, she has to feed a sasquatch with a bottomless pit." Jensen points out with a grin.

Jared mock glares at Jensen and then shrugs. "I'm a growing boy." Jared replies easily.

Jensen rolls his eyes in reply and then nudges Jared's arm. "What about your parents?"

"Sherri and Jerry Padalecki. They're so in love it's sickening." Jared announces, laughing. "They really are though. They're like, the perfect couple. They fight, yeah and get angry, but they always make up. My mom made it a point to tell me if I ever fell in love, to never go to bed angry." Jared says looking up at Jensen and Jensen's breath hitches slightly when his eyes meet Jared's. That look in his eyes nearly bringing him to his knees.

"That's good advice." Jensen mumbles around the lump in his throat.

"Yeah." Jared nods before glancing away. They fall into silence after that and it's a little uncomfortable until Jensen squeezes Jared's hand and Jared gives him a small smile, pulling him just a little closer as the walk. It's another half hour of quiet breathing and foot falls against the ground before Jared tugs on Jensen's hand. "Look." Jared says, pointing out in front of him. "City lights. Looks like we're close."

"Yeah." Jensen nods, feeling the effects of the long walk.

Jared fishes his cell out of his pocket and flips it open. "I got service now, you wanna just call a cab and head back to the dorms? We can worry about the car in the morning." Jared says and Jensen nods in agreement. Jensen watches as Jared calls up the cab company, giving them directions. After a few moments, Jared hangs up with a thank you and turns to Jensen. "They'll be here in thirty minutes." Jared announces.

Jensen just nods and sits down on the side of the road to wait for the cab. Jared sits down behind Jensen, pulling him into his arms and against his chest, cradled in the 'V' of his legs. Jensen sighs contentedly as he snuggles further into Jared's arms as his warmth. "And you say I'm the cuddler." Jared mumbles against Jensen's neck.

"You are." Jensen says with a small smile, shrugging absently.

Jared chuckles softly and kisses Jensen's neck before just resting his chin on his shoulder. "I'm sorry this date was a complete disaster." Jared sighs after a few moments of silence.

Jensen's eyes had drifted shut as the warmth of Jared's body had begun to seep into his skin and the quiet of the night had started to lull him into a doze, but at Jared's words, Jensen's eyes opened and he turned in Jared's arms till they were face to face. "It wasn't a disaster Jared."

"Yeah right Jen." Jared scoffs, shaking his head. "We got a flat, missed our dinner and had to walk all the way back to the city. How is that not a disaster?"

"Okay, so we had some problems with the car. And yeah, this wasn't the most traditional kind of first date, but hey, you know what?" Jensen says, cupping Jared's cheek in his hand.

"What?" Jared asks.

"I had fun. This has been the best first date I've ever been on." Jensen states. "And you wanna know why? Because I was with you." Jensen says and Jared's eyes soften a bit. "We got to spend a whole evening without any of our friends there to interrupt or distract us. We got to talk and find out things about our families. And I actually don't want it to end. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing because it's just us, and that's all that matters." And maybe Jensen poured his heart out just a little too much but he can deal with that as long as Jared knows he had a great time.

"Can I kiss you now?" Jared asks in reply and Jensen's confused now.


"I said, 'can I kiss you?' I've been wanting to all night but it's our first date and I was waiting to do it after I walked you back to your room because that's when it normally happens." Jared explains.

Jensen shakes his head in amusement, because that was exactly like Jared to follow that kind of logic. "Jared, I don't want to be normal with you." Jensen replies before pulling Jared in for a kiss. Jensen feels Jared smile into the kiss as he wraps his arms around Jensen's waist. Jensen pulls Jared closer, opening up his mouth to Jared as he slides his hands into Jared's unruly hair, wrapping himself completely inside the other boy's arms. Jensen moans softly as Jared's tongue slides sweetly across his and this right here, on the side of some darkened road, wrapped up in Jared's arms, is the best first date kiss Jensen has ever had, and he never wants it to end.

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Thanks, it took me forever to get it posted but well, here it is. And thank you so much for betaing this for me. Honestly, these fics probably wouldn't get up without you.
I'm glad you like that story. I wanted their date to be easy even though it was a mess.

I was so glad to see this update. Really love this verse. I guess it's true the saying that it's not what you do but who you do it with. The potential first date disaster cliches just helped them get closer. Hope you keep on with this verse.

Thank you. I said I would update on the verse and I have a few more fics lined up for this one. This is basically my focus in the J2 fandom. There will definately be more to come with this verse. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next one, that one will actually be up in a few weeks as well as another plot bunny fic I was given.

I friended you so I don't lose this again..And how did I miss this second part???

This was a way to get them talking more than if they were in some busy restaurant..They really found out a lot.. And Jared asking Jensen if he could kiss him..Soooooooooooooooooo cute..I LOVE how you kept them so comfortable with each other.. All the little glances and touches..They both feel so much more for each other than they are letting on..A very memorable first date!!

I can't wait for the next installment..


Haha, Well, i'm not sure exactly how you missed it, but i'm glad you found it. I'm really glad you're liking the verse so far. I wanted them relaxed with that still small sense of nerves hanging in the background. I wanted them to be comfortable with each other will still being shy and I think this pulled it off. I've always wanted to experience a horrible/weird-it-could-only-turn-out-perfect-first-date. I think it's something we all want to experience, and this was just my way of doing so. The next part should be up (hopefully) soon.

Glad you're enjoying the stories,


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